I have always been fascinated by modern social attitudes towards remembering the dead and how people deal with the loss of a loved one.

By looking at the extravagant rituals and customs of the Victorian era and the funerary practices of its people, my intent was to produce a collection, which confronts people with the idea of positive remembrance. By exploring the designs of Victorian jewellery and cemetery art, I sort to recreate classic designs using modern technologies. This contrast reflects the concept of current attitudes towards death compared to that of the Victorians.

Using 3D design software and the process of 3D printing, I created nylon components embodying elements of Victorian mourning design. I chose to combine these elements with human hair and fabric to create a material juxtaposition, which reflects my design style of using hard materials with soft textiles.

Using a combination of Poser, Autodesk 3ds Max and Freeform Modelling software the entwined hands, cameos and floral base-relief were 3D digitally designed, which were then 3D printed.

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