Designer, Maker, Creator

I am francesca Smith

I am a product designer based in the United Kingdom, London and Kent. I graduated from London College of Fashion with a degree in Fashion Jewellery in 2012. After 3 years of jewellery production and design experience within the fashion industry I returned to London College of Fashion and completed a Masters degree in Fashion Artefact in 2017. I am now what I call a designer, maker, creator, I design thought provoking products of all varieties, craft them and create beautiful things. 

The power of her

A six-piece collection of ‘trophies’ which commemorate, physically embody, award and recognise four political, historical events of individuals who inspired me to evaluate my position in society as a woman and which also empowered me to question socially conditioned gender role norms in modern culture.


A collection of jewellery pieces that confront people with the idea of positive remembrance of the deceased. By exploring the designs of Victorian jewellery and cemetery art, I sort to recreate classic designs using modern technologies. This contrast reflects the concept of current attitudes towards death compared to that of the Victorians.

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